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Nscan uses a credit system as a payment mechanism. Each user receives a number of credits on signup, and upgrades will be soon available for purchase.

How it works

Every scan option has a cost associated with it. When you view the details of a scan, the total estimated cost for the scan is displayed: this cost is computed by multiplying the number of hosts (targets) you want scanned by the price per host. When the scan starts, your account is deducted that many credits until the results are available. Nscan checks to see how many hosts were actually scanned (depending on the options you selected) and refunds credits, if appropriate. On the scan results page you can see what the actual cost of the scan was.

User Classes


By default, all users belong to the REGULAR class upon sign up and receive 100 credits. Every 24 hours, 50 credits are added to their account, to a maximum of 300.


We'll soon be adding a MONTHLY class, billed every month, that gives users 10000 credits. Every billing cycle, 10000 credits will be added, with no upper limit on how many credits can be accumulated.


Scan features have fixed prices, as follows:

Feature Credits
OS detection 10
Traceroute 5
Version detection 25
Nmap Scripts 25

For port scanning, the number of ports scanned determines the price. The table below indicates what the cost is if you scan up to the indicated number of ports:

Ports (≤) Credits
10 2
100 10
1000 25
65535 100
131070 200

For example, scanning 1001 ports will cost 100 credits.