GSoC community ideas/Optimize zenmap to work with large-scale scans

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There's quite a few reports on the mailing list related to Zenmap running out of memory. This might be a sign that Zenmap needs some memory optimizations. We need some profiling to find the underlying cause, followed by fixing the problem. (added by d33tah)

  • Update post-GSoC 2014: Jay fixed a couple issues: first, a string building bug caused loading of large scans to be quadratically slow. Second, the syntax-highlighted Nmap output window consumes a lot of memory. Zenmap will now catch the MemoryError due to insufficient memory and delete the output window to free up memory. This is less-than-ideal because we lose some functionality, and the Python process is still allowed to consume up to the limit of memory available without releasing it to the OS. A more complete solution would be a paging window that can swap out portions of the output that are not being displayed, in order to avoid consuming as much memory in the first place. Bonsaiviking (talk) 20:06, 9 December 2014 (UTC)