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Environment variables set by Ncat for programs executed by --exec, --sh-exec, and --lua-exec.

Compare to similar variables TCPREMOTEIP, TCPREMOTEPORT, etc. implemented by GNU inetd, ucspi-tcp, and xinetd.

Following is the current proposed list of variables:

  • NCAT_REMOTE_ADDR - the remote address - in connect mode, it's the one we're connecting to, in listen mode - it's the one that connected to us
  • NCAT_REMOTE_PORT - the remote port, where "remote" means the same as above
  • NCAT_LOCAL_ADDR - our local address used for establishing/receiving the connection
  • NCAT_LOCAL_PORT - our local port number
  • NCAT_PROTO - the protocol name - TCP, UDP or SCTP

Note that the addresses might be either IPv4 or IPv6.

  • NCAT_SSL - Set to "1" if we're using SSL. Not set otherwise.

Planned for the next branch: