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22:10:42       d33tah $ bonsaiviking: could you sketch how you'd like to see execution flow documented? perhaps i could pitch in a b it                                                                                                                  
22:11:16 bonsaiviking $ Probably a mention of vs                                                                                                                                                                                         
22:11:32 bonsaiviking $ Link out to the book chapter on Phases of an Nmap Scan for the main loop                                                                                                                                                         
22:12:19 bonsaiviking $ Like when I want to trace a problem, I always start at the main loop (can't remember if it has its own function in                                                                                                     
22:12:48 bonsaiviking $ then you need to know that forward lookups are done in the nexthost function, in refresh_hostbatch                                                                                                                               
22:13:59 bonsaiviking $ Maybe it should be a series of snapshots of "these are the functions called to do X" where X is a phase of Nmap or something smaller.